“Bye bye stomach fat!”

Whether it’s summer on the beach or winter in the gym, stomach fat can always get in the way. Literally and figuratively. Because your favourite skinny jeans don’t fit any more or your stomach gets in the way when you’re putting on your shoes. From a little tummy fat to a bulging stomach, you can lose it permanently by freezing the fat.

Stubborn fat rolls

Anyone who feels like they’ve gained a few kilos immediately thinks about cutting back on sweets and treats. Even dieting, maybe. And, of course, going to the gym more frequently, walking around the park or taking the stairs instead of the lift. These are all great ways to lose weight. But those stubborn fat rolls won’t seem to budge no matter how often you take the stairs or choose a salad instead of a hot dog.

The stomach stores fat reserves

Unfortunately, local weight loss cannot be achieved by eating less. Dieting may help but your body will then switch on ‘survival mode’; it does not know when food is coming so it will lay down reserves. And your stomach is the storage area. The fat reserves are stored there and this creates a belly.

Six-pack under your stomach fat?

It is always important to get enough exercise. Walking or cycling every day and exercising regularly are good for both body and mind. Combine this with stomach exercises to create strong stomach muscles and you’re on your way. But your stomach muscles remain hidden under a layer of stomach fact despite all your healthy eating and sport. Want a flatter stomach or even a six-pack? Then you must get rid of that fat!

Freezing stomach fat with cryolipolysis

Fat cells are stored under the skin; they expand when you gain weight and shrink when you lose weight. But these fat cells are also used as your storage area when you go a little overboard on the dieting. As long as the fat cells are there, you will always have your stomach fat. The size of your stomach depends on various factors but the quickest and most effective method for losing stomach fat is cryolipolysis. Freezing stomach fat.

Permanent fat removal by freezing

Cryolipolysis is an innovative and scientifically proven method for freezing fat. Fat cells crystalise and die at a low temperature and are then removed within a few weeks by your body’s natural processes. Fat cells that die will not return. In other words, the fat cells are permanently removed!

Specialists in fat freezing, at Next Fatfreeze Clinics in Amsterdam

At Next Fatfreeze Clinics in Amsterdam, we are specialists in fat freezing and work with the most advanced equipment: the Clatuu Alpha. The 360° Surround Cooling Technology cools the skin to a constant -9°C. The treatment last 40 minutes. The constant low temperature and the fact that this cooling technique reaches all the subcutaneous fat cells allows you to remove fat from whichever area you choose. Permanently. This also applies to stomach fat.

Cost-effective fat freezing using the innovative Clatuu Alpha with two treatment heads

The Clatuu Alpha, the device we use for fat freezing, has two treatment heads. This allows us to simultaneously treat two areas during one session. Knowing that you pay per session, you’ll realise that this makes the treatments much more cost effective. Although it is very safe, the Clatuu Alpha has been granted a CE mark, the machine is frequently checked and serviced by our specialists who are experienced and highly-trained in using this device.

Freezing stomach fat, is it something for you?

You can use fat freezing for stomach fat if your BMI does not exceed 32. It is suitable for both men and women over the age of 18. Whether you are trying to get rid of your last fat roll or just want to reduce your stomach fat. We can decide whether you are suitable for this quick and effective treatment during your first consultation. This is a free and no-obligation intake session during which we will tell you more about freezing stomach fat and run through your requirements.

Book your first consultation now, it’s free and there’s no obligation!

Use freezing to eliminate stomach fat once and for all! Book your appointment now and we will see you for your first consultation at Next Fatfreeze Clinics in Amsterdam; it’s free and there’s no obligation.